Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

12 Episodes

Hatha is the practice of physical postures. ‘Ha’ means sun and ‘tha’ means moon. It involves applying opposites to come to that place of balance; effort and ease, flexibility and rigidity, strength and softness. This style is done slower with intention on breath, body awareness, and observation of the mind. It helps build a strong and flexible body while creating balance on and off the mat.

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Hatha Yoga
  • Strong and Grounded – All Level

    Episode 1

    Life got you spinning? Try this wonderful practice for evenings, after travel, or when you just need to be told to sit. All postures are done TOTALLY seated and lying down on your mat. Physically it will move you into your flexibility in a space of strength. Allow yourself to rest on the breath a...

  • Sun Salutation Flow – Beginner/Intermediate

    Episode 2

    Salute to the Sun! This class is a great way to start your day, especially if you don’t want to think too much. There is constant movement to create warmth in body and mind. The breath fuels the body. We start slow and gradually work to build up our momentum. Find ease and effort within the flow ...

  • Open Your Hips – Gentle/Beginner/Intermediate

    Episode 3

    OH to our junk drawers called the hips. This is a steady and strong class both in standing and seated postures to rest in opening our hips. The standing postures focus on creating strength in the quadriceps, inner thighs, and gluteus maximus. The seated postures focus on building flexibility to t...

  • Hatha Yoga Tips & Tricks

    Episode 4

    A short video to assist you within the practice of experiencing the physical postures. Whether you are new or a seasoned yogi, I hope this will assist you in finding ease and effort. Practice finding balance in body and mind – act, observe, adjust. Peace, Love, & Light

  • Slow Flow – Beginner

    Episode 5

    This gentle beginner practice encompasses many of the postures within a sun salutation. Become aware of your body within the movements by taking it slow. The power in your practice is in learning some of the transitions, knowing when to bend the knees, or when to come slightly up out of a posture...

  • Balance the Body to Steady the Mind – Hatha Gentle/Beginners

    Episode 6

    Feeling unsteady? We will ground ourselves deeply in our bodies to play in some balancing poses. The master yogis teach calm body = calm mind, so we will wring out our “I can’t” stories before entering playfully in the balancing postures! This practice is welcome for all to practice.

  • Square Up Your Hips – Hatha Level 1/2

    Episode 7

    Tight hip flexors? This class will get in there slow and deep. We will start standing to reap the benefits of our time on the mat. Warm up, work deep, and rest more. Modifications will be offered for you to discover your edge, that place of effort and ease. *A Sun Salutation will be practiced as ...

  • Hatha gentle/beginner Full Body Tune In

    Episode 8

    Enjoy this gentle yet strong practice to create warmth, strength, and flexibility in your body and mind. Reminder; gentle hatha practices do not go on hands and knees, so this practice is open to all levels.

  • Detoxify Hatha – Level 1/2

    Episode 9

    Wring out to get clear. This class will warm you up quickly moving through some Sun Salutations! They will prepare the body for steadiness in standing postures that detoxify you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

  • Hatha 1/2 Deep hip and low back focus

    Episode 10

    If you sit or stand a lot in your day – this is the practice for you! Long extended periods can create achy hips and low back. This practice will work slowly in creating warmth to unwind some of the tightness that may have accumulated. Breath to feel!

  • Hatha Chair Deep Flexibility & Strength – All Level

    Episode 11

    This class may fuel the rest of your practices because it asks you to extend strongly in your physical state. Utilizing props allows you to step out of ego and makes you feel exactly where you are. The flexibility comes when you allow for movement to align yourself in a space of equal strength an...

  • Hatha Chair Spinal Love – Gentle/Beginners

    Episode 12

    Whether you are at work, at home, or in a car – we always find time to take a seat or lean into life. This class will offer you ways to ground down, get strong, find balance, and take a twist when you need to lean into where you are. Don’t be fooled ~ this is not easy because it will ask you to p...