Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul

18 Episodes

Awaken to where you are.
We all have a connection with food. It can comfort us, excite us, calm us, and even medicate us. It connects our brain and emotions with every bite, engaging in deep conversations, and immersed in beautiful surroundings. It’s all about food being a part of nurturing your innermost passenger – your soul! Think about what emotions are felt around the food you eat?

Feeding your soul is deep inner work that requires the utmost attention in today’s society.

There are moments in our lives when food has made such an impression it sends us back to that first experience. Those special ingredients that make your heart melt, brain feel peaceful, and all the worries of the world just disappear. Those ‘comfort foods’ are undeniably magical and powerful maybe because of the surroundings of the delicious food. Can we enjoy comforting meals with our family without punishing ourselves?

There are new diet fads constantly being shoved in our faces. We are being told when, how much, and why the food we are eating is wrong, YET this one diet is the only way for good health. It is overwhelming and creates crazy fear. Is there a point where our restrictions and limitations become too much for our well-being? Humans are habitual and easily manipulative creatures. If you have compulsive behaviors any diet or nutritional plan may not be right for you. Think about it, many of us take things to the extreme whether it be eating, exercise, laziness, work, etc. so just the thought of bending the rules creates anxiety and stress.

It’s not about a DIET.
It does however have everything to do with a healthy relationship with food. Many of you may have allergies, addictions, and sensitivities that need to be respected. We need to dig deeper into the feelings and emotions around our meals. This is our awakening to the amazing thing that runs our engine – food! It shouldn’t be a chore creating and consuming what provides energy for your life. We live in a society of getting what we want immediately and expect 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This is an unhealthy way of thinking and will lead to being disappointed.

Let’s get really close with how we feel about our relationship with food. 6 weeks to move you into a healthier relationship with food - moving from Fear to Freedom! Your soul passenger is so excited to be on this ride with you!

Here’s some of what is included:
• A closed group to provide a private, secure, and safe environment for you to learn and grow.
• Daily Inspiration, Encouragement, & Food for Thoughts.
• Individual & Group Support
• 15 minutes of Weekly Homework - accountability!
• Live Talks with special guest Leslie O'Neill of Be Well Meals Holistic Health
• Judgement Free Space.

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Feed Your Soul
  • FYS Week 1 Focus

    Episode 1

    Monday's are the day we dip into a new week, focus, and homework. Stay connected and accountable by doing the best you can. This is going to be an amazing ride.

  • FYS Week 1 Day 3

    Episode 2

    Once we start feeling our starting point, we can begin to move forward. You may have stirred up some feelings. Don't stop or discard what is happening. To create change we need to process and eliminate. With that comes maybe some heaviness, so Wednesday is a day to 'Dump and Dash'. Allow yourself...

  • Root Into Your Strength

    Episode 3

    This class is strong in clearing out any fear or doubts sitting within your mind and body. It moves you into your heart. It is cathartic, fast paced, and amazingly cleansing.
    *option to practice from a chair!

  • FYS Week 2 Day 1

    Episode 4

    This week is all about the FEELS. Once you identify what your reality is, you can then begin to navigate the feeling within that place. I am sure your mind and body already began to respond with last week’s work.
    Take your time.
    Emotions around food can be pretty intense. Remember to take a few ...

  • FYS Week 2 Day 3

    Episode 5

    Even if it sucks – identifying ‘it sucks’ means you are no longer repressing or denying emotions.
    It’s a great day to Dump don’t ya think? This very magical Dump Day is a time to explore the energetic and physical bodies connection – our sacral space, think all of your organs within the pelvis bo...

  • FYS Week 2 Day 5 - Feel to Flow

    Episode 6

    This class is all about freeing up the hips. You may pause or modify but don't quit. Stay steady on the chant to direct the mind and move creatively to where you want to go!

  • Week 3 Day 1

    Episode 7

    The Driver - What does that mean? Every moment of each day we are making
    decisions depending on our internal and external landscape. Choices that affect
    our relationships not only with food, but in every area of your life.
    The internal is associated to how you see yourself in your reality – deep ...

  • FYS Week 3 Day 3

    Episode 8

    When we begin to truly look at where we are, how we feel, and what actions we have taken – it can be overwhelming. So BREATHE because this spot you are in is the place where you begin to access, adapt, and align with where you want to go.

    Your power is in this moment, every moment.

  • Week3Day5
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    We make decisions all day. Life's choices place you in the past, present, or future. This class we practice the pause. It is here you allow yourself to feel the present moment. When you create space for this you will begin to direct your life to where and how you want to feel and be ~ Growth!

  • Week 4 Day 1

    Episode 10

    To truly Love is to feel at home in our physical and emotional bodies. When we love ourselves we move and direct ourselves with that compassion and
    well-being on our sleeves. When making decisions it is easeful and in the best interest of our soul self, spiritual self.

  • Week 4 Day 3

    Episode 11

    Loving yourself is wonderful and sometimes really hard. You know when the
    love is flowing effortlessly because everything you do, say, and think comes
    from that place. Oh I know it can be tough at times but it is SO
    worth it. You Are So Worth It!

  • Week4Day5
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

    Time to get into our practice – to love. It will feel cleansing we go deep into the physical body, our emotions, and the ego to move us in the rhythm of our hearts. You will feel your heart vibration, radiance, and life!!! When you begin to move more from a space of love you may feel some incredi...

  • Week 5 Day 1

    Episode 13

    Remember how you see and feel yourself in the world is going to be translated via your mind. The mind is a very powerful tool. It will also determine if you are living in the NOW, past, or future. or future. Holding on to your past experiences will create doubt, self-sabotaging ways, and self-lim...

  • Week 5 Day 3

    Episode 14

    You are also deciding to make changes when it is not in a positive and healthy space for you and those around you. Please know we all judge. We have an ego that wants to be right, bossy, and drag us in a direction that is not always in the best interest. Acknowledging what goes on within your com...

  • Week 5 Day 5

    Episode 15

    Today's class we move with Sat Nam which means truth is my name, identity, and essence. Allow yourself to find that space where you are strong, mobile, and speaking clearly. This class connects your willpower and truth.

  • Week 6 Day 1

    Episode 16

    This final week is about creating a vision of where you want to go from here. Sometimes what we see is blurry coming from an unfocused mind. This week is about becoming laser focused on developing that amazing healthy relationship with food.

  • Week 6 Day 3

    Episode 17

    This process is one that we may want to breeze by. The whole ‘ignorance is bliss’ applies this week. So let’s get real with ourselves. Have you seen anything you like or don’t like? Are you moving too fast and missing the opportunity to check in?
    My teacher Tracey once said “you know what you kno...

  • Week 6 Day 5

    Episode 18

    This class begins with a breath/meditation exercise to strengthen our intuition. It allows us to let go of the chatter that pulls us away from our inner wisdom. We move our voice with Sat Nam Wahe Guru. Truth is my name and I open to the magical lessons in life.