Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

10 Episodes

A series of online classes for those who need to make the practice accessible for their lives. Feel mobility, strength, and stability from your seat - no more excuses! Whether you can get to the floor or not, this practice meets you where you are. Show up. Do the best you can. Pause to feel the practice of awareness. Allow me to show you how good you are supposed to feel in body, mind, and spirit.

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Chair Yoga
  • Kundalini Chair Tips

    Episode 1

    Getting to the floor not easy or maybe standing feels unsteady? This video will offer guidance so you may make the modifications to be able to adjust the kundalini yoga classes for YOUR body. You can do it! Let me show you how.

  • Chair Yoga Session 5

    Episode 2

    An easeful, peaceful, and useful class to create balance! We will utilize the chant 'Wahe Guru' to focus the mind. This mantra opens us to the wonderful teachers all around us. The exercises and breathing techniques will balance the pituitary gland. This gland is responsible for cognitive thinkin...

  • Chair Session 2 - All Level

    Episode 3

    An easeful, peaceful, and useful mind and body class! This class directs the mind on moving in our ability to manifest through creativity with the chant Har Hari (pronounced hud hadee).

  • Chair Session 1 - All Level

    Episode 4

    An easeful, peaceful, and useful head to toe work in! We will direct the mind with the chant 'Wahe Guru Sat Nam', which moves us towards the magical lessons and truth within us. It is pronounced wa-hay goo-doo sut num.

  • Chair Session 3 - All Level

    Episode 5

    An easeful, peaceful, and useful class for New Beginnings! We move with the meditation mantra Sa Ta Na MA. Allow yourself to check in, adjust, and redirect your life with this beautiful chant.

  • Chair Session 4 - All Level

    Episode 6

    An easeful, peaceful, and useful class stepping into your Truth! We will direct our voices and minds with the seed sound Sat Nam (pronounced sut num). It literally means truth is my name, my identity, my essence.

  • Chair Yoga Session 6

    Episode 7

    An easeful, peaceful, and useful class to focus on the breath! It is what moves our energy, fuels our bodies, and provides a sustainable space to reside in. We will use different exercises and techniques to greater lung capacity while allowing for a full head to toe workout.

  • Hatha Chair Spinal Love – Gentle/Beginners

    Episode 8

    Whether you are at work, at home, or in a car – we always find time to take a seat or lean into life. This class will offer you ways to ground down, get strong, find balance, and take a twist when you need to lean into where you are. Don’t be fooled ~ this is not easy because it will ask you to p...

  • Hatha Chair Deep Flexibility & Strength – All Level

    Episode 9

    This class may fuel the rest of your practices because it asks you to extend strongly in your physical state. Utilizing props allows you to step out of ego and makes you feel exactly where you are. The flexibility comes when you allow for movement to align yourself in a space of equal strength an...

  • Sadhana
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    The word “Sadhana” in Sanskrit means “an effort exercised towards the achievement of a purpose.” In this sense, every effort is some kind of Sadhana, because it leads to the achievement of some intended goal. This class will drop you into an intentional practice with each word you speak, breath y...